Altadore, Auburn Bay and Lake Bonavista are the Top Calgary Communities to Consider

Located in the Southwestern quadrant of Calgary is where you can find the beautiful and friendly community of Altadore. Altadore was first established back in 1945 and continued its development as of this day. This community is known to be one of “Calgary’s Best Neighborhoods” ranking in the top 6 in Avenue Magazine. This is one of the reasons that the Altadore community is one of the most sought-after communities in Calgary. Another reason for its fame is that Altadore also houses three of the best parks in Calgary. Altadore is home to an estimated 10,000 residents which makes this community one of the densely populated ones. In the past year (2019), Altadore sold 124 single residential homes and 42 condos with an average price of $948,025 for single residential homes and $448,575 for condos. Many of the older properties were renovated and were given a luxurious and modern twist to its design.

altadore calgary - Altadore, Auburn Bay and Lake Bonavista are the Top Calgary Communities to ConsiderThere are many types of homes for sale in Altadore that you can choose from such as single family homes, bungalows, condos, and apartments. Altadore is also surrounded by popular communities in the Southwestern quadrant of Calgary such as Garrison Woods, South Calgary, Marda Loop, and River Park. Altadore will become one of the most accessible communities in Calgary with the help of the extension of Highway 8. This extension will be very beneficial for residents to reach nearby communities, recreational facilities, shopping centers and other amenities. Altadore has Marda Loop as their shopping center and provides different types of services such as salons, yoga and gym studios, banks, dental clinics, and medical clinics. A very popular celebration that is held annually at the month of August is the Marda Gras. Marda Gras is a New Orleans-themed festival that is celebrated by Calgarians. There are also parks in Altadore such as Elbow River, Sandy Beach Park, and Elbow River that can be used as picnic sites and as exercising sites for activities such as hiking, jogging, and cycling.

Auburn Bay is an active cottage-country inspired community in the Southeastern quadrant of Calgary is a 900-acre master-planned community. In the Calgary Herald Reader’s Choice awards Auburn Bay earned the “Best New Community”. Auburn Bay has many parks and walking trails for the residents to enjoy activities such as hiking, jogging, cycling, and having picnics. In 2019, a total of 209 single family homes for sale in Auburn Bay and 59 townhomes and condos were sold with an average price of $510,517 for the single family homes and $269,044 for townhomes and condos. The highest sale that year was sold for $1,585,000 and the property was a two-storey walk-out on the lake.

Shopping around Auburn Bay is easy since it is located near the Marquis of Lorne Trail and Deerfoot trail. There are several shopping centers that the residents can enjoy such as Shawnessy Towne Center, High Street in McKenzie Towne, and South Trail Crossing. One of the popular locations in Auburn Bay is the Auburn Lake which is a 43-acre freshwater lake located in the heart of this wonderful community. A 7,000 sqft lodge equipped with multi-function rooms, meeting rooms, and skating facilities known as the Auburn House is one of the popular locations in Auburn Bay. The community is still undergoing developments and soon the residents can utilize and enjoy the additional facilities that were built such as playgrounds, tennis courts, and private beach.

lake bonavista calgary - Altadore, Auburn Bay and Lake Bonavista are the Top Calgary Communities to ConsiderLocated in the southeastern portion of Calgary is the community of Lake Bonavista has many single family homes with a price range ranging from $500,000 to $3 million. The northern side of Lake Bonavista is bordered by Anderson Road, to its easter side is the Bonavista Downs, and the western side the Macleod Trail. The development of this community began in 1967.

In the past year (2019), there were a total of 124 single family homes for sale in Lake Bonavista and 38 condos that were sold with an average price of $682,880 for the single family homes while the average price for condos were $283,013. Lake Bonaventure and Lake Bonavista are both man-made lakes and appeal to many home buyers. Through the Deerfoot Trail, you can access the Southland shopping center. They also have a recreation center with a gym, fitness studio, soccer, basketball, canoeing, hockey, and two skating rinks. The skating rinks are utilized by the participants of the Canskate program.

3 Places to Live in California On a Budget

California - 3 Places to Live in California On a Budget

Are you excited to live in California? You should be, but you should also know that California is the third most expensive state in the world. This is a problem, primarily for young entrepreneurs, who are starting a new life in the city.

If you want to live in California comfortably, you should read some tips on which cities would be most advisable to start as a rookie. Here we will tell you about those cities that will fit into your budget.

eureka - 3 Places to Live in California On a Budget


The gold rush ended some time ago, but people are still going to Eureka, located a few hours south of the Oregon border. With a wonderful location close to the coast and natural forests, natural beauty is abundant.

In the center of the city, you will find “Old Town” a historic district. The only issue is that employment choices are scarce, most jobs are in tourism and health care.

oxnard - 3 Places to Live in California On a Budget


Oxnard is an excellent choice for beach lovers, located one hour north of Los Angeles. It is directly in the Pacific and has 20 miles of coastline. The ocean is the city’s biggest attraction, as it helps the diversity of marine species, and sporting activities such as kayaking and surfing, promoting tourism. The main industries include commercial fishing, oil, agriculture, and international trade.

Chico - 3 Places to Live in California On a Budget


Home to Chico State University, this university town is well located 90 miles north of Sacramento. It has an excellent climate and a very attractive city center, as well as nearby hikes. Not too far from the ocean, close enough for a weekend getaway trip, which is marvelous.

These would be the recommended places for your next move to California. There, you will find many opportunities for your life, in general. It is a state of global success, you will always be waiting for great opportunities.

Trust these cities and find places to be productive in some way, or help local businesses grow exponentially. These cities offer affordable accommodation and great job opportunities.