3 Places to Live in California On a Budget

California - 3 Places to Live in California On a Budget

Are you excited to live in California? You should be, but you should also know that California is the third most expensive state in the world. This is a problem, primarily for young entrepreneurs, who are starting a new life in the city.

If you want to live in California comfortably, you should read some tips on which cities would be most advisable to start as a rookie. Here we will tell you about those cities that will fit into your budget.

eureka - 3 Places to Live in California On a Budget


The gold rush ended some time ago, but people are still going to Eureka, located a few hours south of the Oregon border. With a wonderful location close to the coast and natural forests, natural beauty is abundant.

In the center of the city, you will find “Old Town” a historic district. The only issue is that employment choices are scarce, most jobs are in tourism and health care.

oxnard - 3 Places to Live in California On a Budget


Oxnard is an excellent choice for beach lovers, located one hour north of Los Angeles. It is directly in the Pacific and has 20 miles of coastline. The ocean is the city’s biggest attraction, as it helps the diversity of marine species, and sporting activities such as kayaking and surfing, promoting tourism. The main industries include commercial fishing, oil, agriculture, and international trade.

Chico - 3 Places to Live in California On a Budget


Home to Chico State University, this university town is well located 90 miles north of Sacramento. It has an excellent climate and a very attractive city center, as well as nearby hikes. Not too far from the ocean, close enough for a weekend getaway trip, which is marvelous.

These would be the recommended places for your next move to California. There, you will find many opportunities for your life, in general. It is a state of global success, you will always be waiting for great opportunities.

Trust these cities and find places to be productive in some way, or help local businesses grow exponentially. These cities offer affordable accommodation and great job opportunities.