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We are a company in charge of offering advice in the real estate field to people wishing to acquire or sell their property. We also ensure to have all the necessary paperwork ready in order to allow our clients to just think of choosing the best option for them and leave us to handle the rest in the best, most professional way.

The business of real estate in the United States is somewhat complicated, so we offer the best service and advice you can get, we do our best to answer any questions or doubts from our clients so they can get their house or sell it.

In addition to offering the real estate service and advice, we also offer a refractions service, in which we take care of making certain repairs that your home may have when buying a new one or selling yours to reach the best price.

This service is not offered by all companies, so we are a very lucky company to have the ability to offer our customers the possibility of doing everything with us.

We implemented this service from the need to have everything combined in a single package to avoid that the client will be paying different companies and spending more money.

Instead, we do everything in-house, in one payment which allows a much more economical packages as compared to what other companies can offer.

The refractions that our team perform are very basic but necessary fixes that make the property have the best shape for it to be inhabited. For example, our workers are responsible for repairing any water leaks, fixing the lights and place new bulbs where necessary, review any electric problem that the property may have, changing carpets or floors, repainting walls and many more useful and necessary work in order to have an optimal house get ready to be sold or bought.

Newbury Park Property emerged approximately 10 years ago, and during those years we have kept on learning and improving from all the various situations regarding real estate. We started in a small place, with few workers, only providing advice and looking for new houses for people or selling the houses they want, all very small and very minimalist.

Little by little and over the years we managed to get much more experience, a bigger office, more employees and many more contracts and clients, we also managed to open other services such as the refractions service, everything we went through served us to be who we are now.